About Me

Aretha started in web and graphic design with ambitions to be an entrepreneur. After graduating from Grant MacEwan with a Communications Degree in Professional Writing, Aretha began to work in the non-profit world with the Aboriginal community in Edmonton, Alberta. The instability of the nonprofit world would eventually lead to a career working for the government.


After a few months of a toxic work environment, Aretha started to question why she was working in this field. While off work, Aretha wondered what she wanted to do in life and if this was a path she wanted to pursue. The day she handed in her two weeks notice, the nightmares of returning to that same toxic environment went away, and she could now fall asleep each night happy she made the right decision.


Aretha is involved in a lot of activities after work including being a filmmaker. As the owner of a production company, Aretha produced a documentary on The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada events and the history of residential schools. And while she was from work, she started using film to motivate her to find passion in life again. Aretha dusted off her 2007 Youtube channel and began to vlog. She also revamped her website to start sharing her passions with friends and family.


In 2016, Aretha was nominated and won a Women of Inspiration, Cultural Ambassador Award recognizing her contribution to enriching the lives of others through visual, literary, performing arts, or broadcasting.


Aretha is passionate about helping people. And as a self-proclaimed serial volunteer, she became aware of how important balance is in her life. And it is her mission to create physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being back into her life.


Moving forward, Aretha has vowed to spend her time helping and inspiring others, while doing the same and leading by example.